Monday, 23 February 2009

You think you're a real man? Hugh tells you how it is.

Hugh MacLeod applied the principles from the 1982 bestseller, Real Men Don't Eat Quiche, into a list of The Behaviour of Real Men in the Web 2.0 Generation. I've included some of my favourites from the list below (as well as some of Hugh's gems):
  • Real Men don't have to wipe off their keyboard with a Kleenex after every time they read a news story about Apple.
  • Real Men never use use the phrase, "Interesting Conversations" to justify their lame-ass online addiction.
  • Real Men don't blog about blogging.
  • Real Men don't give a rat's ass if you prefer Linux over Windows.
  • Real Men actually spend time AWAY from their computers.
  • Real Men don't cry like schoolgirls every time another blogger starts making real money.
  • Real Men don't confuse Cluetrain with Religion.
  • Real Men don't linkbait.
  • Real Men don't confuse "Getting mentioned on Techcrunch" with "Having a real business model".
  • Real Men never say, "If it doesn't have comments, it isn't a real blog". (Cough Laurel...)
  • Real Men don't leave comments.
  • Real Men don't wait overnight in line to get into the Apple Store.
  • Real Men don't even know who Jerry Yang is.

  • Real Men don't care if your blog doesn't have as much "Quality Content" as it used to.
  • Real Men don't have "Personal Brands".
  • Real Men don't "Open-Source" the name of their firstborn.
So, yes I've included basically the whole list, and used Hugh's genius to scrape another post together, which is totally not 'Real Men' like. But then again, I'm not a real man, so Hi Ho Silver, content reproduction, away!

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