Sunday, 6 September 2009

Presentation for OMD's Think Fresh Festival

Last week I gave a presentation at OMD's Think Fresh Festival 2009 on social media with the designated theme of 'The Future is Now'. I find it always hard to pitch a social media talk at the right level due to the drastic variations in knowledge of marketers at the moment, so I hope I got close to catering to the majority of the audience. I would appreciate any comments any of you have on the slides – especially areas for improvement. I thought I would share them now, as like anything in this space, they will be out of date by next month. Oh, and to give you an idea of timing, the presentation's duration was around the 20-minute mark. Thanks. :-)


  1. I like the preso, and even though about changing one or another slide for my internet marketing academy.
    IMHO, talking about ROI (brand reinforcment, awareness, sales, reseacrh, etc) it's a must when talking Social Media, it moves away the "fad" image of social media.
    ATS is a very enjoyable preso.
    Lucio Ribeiro

  2. Thanks Lucio! Appreciate the comments. :-)

    I'd be interested to hear about how you (or anyone else) measures the ROI in terms of awareness without using 'social media monitoring' tools. Traditional market research methods? Online mentions must only go so far in relation to the offline audience.


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