Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Where On Google Earth is Wally?

I thought this was a great idea:
Melanie Coles from Vancouver has painted a large Wally (or Waldo as the American's label him) on top of a mysterious rooftop location and has put it out there to people to locate him using Google Earth!
More information about the project can be located here.
My guess, looking at some of the publicity stills, is that it would be in an inner-city industrial area in Vancouver.

On the topic of Google Earth/Maps - I have just discovered the Google Street View function (I'll leave privacy issues at the door here). As a die hard fan of the real estate virtual tour, I am for this technology. You see it is like a virtual tour of the whole world - you will be able to zoom in on any city and "walk" around and explore just as though you lived or were travelling there.

It just happens that the next place I have on my ideal travel agenda is San Fransisco and as that's where Google have their renowned innovative Mountain View H.O., they have pretty much photographed everything there already. So until I get the time to actually visit in person, in the meantime I can pretend I'm there.

Just take a look here at down town San Francisco - (if this is actually the downtown area)!

Or perhaps the Painted Ladies?

Or if you were riding along the Golden Gate Bridge?

It's coming to Australia at the moment and I can't wait until it gets to England. Here are the cities its currently available in...

(Image courtesy of http://whereonearthiswaldo.wordpress.com/)

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