Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Five things I would have trouble marketing

  1. Freebirthing
  2. Apple stickers (yes the ones on fruit... not on fanbois. At least there's one other person in the world with this phobia.)
  3. A Neo-Nazi Association
  4. Lindsay Lohan (where to start... where to stop), and
  5. Grout.


  1. I don’t think grout would be that hard – focus on nice showers, less repair money later etc.

    I bet you didn’t know that one of the biggest problems sewerage treatment plants face is those little stickers on apples. Apparently a lot of people don’t bother peeling them off and just eat them! Weird.

    Then they excrete them, undigested, and it goes into the sewer system where it clogs up the filters!.

    So all you freaks who eat the labels … STOP IT!

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  3. frozen chickens in North Melbourne

  4. @Oyst - you have scarred me for life. I already have nightmares about people putting them on the back on their hands and seeing them stuck on people's shoes. Urgh, I'm wincing as I type.


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