Monday, 27 April 2009

10 business authors on Twitter and their blogs

This post is probably more for introductory tweeters and blogosphere-surfers, as it is no where near as comprehensive as it should be. I've just quickly listed 10 business/marketing/new media/yeah-perhaps-not-business-at-all authors and their corresponding links. I'm sure there are thousands of others out there, but I'd say these are the more prominent ones. Please feel free to add to the list in the comment box below. So, in alphabetical order:

  1. Alain de Botton: @alaindebotton &
  2. Chris Anderson: @chr1sa &
  3. Clay Shirky: @cshirky &
  4. Jeff Jarvis: @jeffjarvis &
  5. Joseph Jaffe: @jaffejuice &
  6. Malcolm Gladwell: @Gladwell &
  7. Richard Branson: @richardbranson &
  8. Seth Godin: @SethGodin - (placeholder) &
  9. Timothy Ferriss: @tferriss &
  10. Warren Buffet: @W_Buffett &

So, who is your favourite author? Blogger? Tweeter?

Also, there are some particularly funny parodies of them going around. You know you've touched some people at least when you've got a Twitter-parody!

And, un-surprisingly enough, there are no female authors on the list. Would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations that you may have (even just it's the offline counterparts).


  1. Penelope Trunk is the one I usually recommend for people starting out reading business blogs.

  2. Thanks Sarah. Will dig her work up and have a peruse.


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