Sunday, 17 May 2009

The week ahead...


It feels so strange to be devoting any attention to this weak, ill-excuse for a blog. After re-organising my RSS reader and pimping my new iMac setup I thought I would at least communicate what I am up to for anyone who has been very concerned about my whereabouts. Even if it's just the other side of my split personality. ;-)

– So, tomorrow I will be at the Future Summit here in Melbourne, which is affiliated with Australian Davos Connection. Basically, it's a gathering of leaders from business, government, the public sector, academia and the broader community with the aim of improving their understanding of key issues affecting Australia. Will be a welcome break from the marketing and digital-event overdose that I've had of late.
– Then tomorrow night, I will head to my Marketing Research & Forecasting course as part of my masters of marketing program. Around 7.30pm I usually duck out and grab a sugarfree Red Bull to keep my batteries going.
– Tuesday, will spend the day largely commissioning, editing, sub-editing and uploading content onto the Marketing site, so that I can aim to get the weekly enewsletter out. This will be followed by me frantically researching the history, composition and operation of the entire L'Oreal group before I interview five of their senior members, so that I can at least dribble out some articulate questions.
– Tuesday evening, I'm heading to see good ole' Conroy speak about the NBN at the FTTH Council Asia Pacific Conference.
– Wednesday should offer a bit of an activity breather, although will be more of the same at work, followed by me hopefully churning 2,500 words out for an assignment as part of an Entrepreneurship & Innovation course I'm also taking this semester.
– On Thursday, if I'm not inundated, I'm meant to be supporting some business friends by heading down to their online marketing workshop as part of Internet Marketing Academy for a few hours.
– Then to finish off the week, on Friday, I'll head to the weekly #socialmelb to enjoy some hearty conversation followed by a couple of hours at this special Google seminar organised for a select group of marketing directors and managers around Melbourne. Friday also happens to be my publisher's last day at work as she embarks on maternity leave, so there will be some leaving stuff on.
– Then perhaps next weekend, I'll start on the strategy behind our annual readers' survey, the ironing baskets from hell that have sat there for three months, a trip to the NGV to use up some freebies to the John Brack exhibition and to also check out 'Persuasion: Fashion in the Age of Jane Austen'. Perhaps I'll also attack the growing pile of books and magazines on my bedside table or the growing subscriptions to a gazillion forms of online media. Follow this all by a good dose of the extremely-popular Flight Control iPhone application – I've got to build on the 207 current score. :-P

So, there you have it – potentially 500 wasted words? Or rather, 500 building blocks of insights into the life of Kate.

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  1. wow you is busy. I thought once you got a job, weekends were solely for fun. Homework never ends it seems. "High school never ends", I can't remember what movie that is a quote from, but it was a bad movie. I saw John Brack, I am a commoner and had to pay, i ran through it but I liked it a lot. Some of it's fairly brilliant and it's cool watching him go progressively insane to the point where he refuses to draw people. He paints spoons and pencils to create "historically accurate representations of the Falklands war". Oh geniuses. Can't live with em.


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