Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Apple Store to Open in Melbourne... in Chadstone

Melbourne Fanboi's you're in luck. Apple is heading South and opening a flagship store in Melbourne, which of all places, will be in the depressive monolith that is Chadstone Shopping Centre. The store will open this weekend at 10am, and the first 100 visitors will receive a free Apple T-shirt.

Whilst in Sydney last week (I hope you noticed the lack of posting!), I visited the George Street Store featured above (thanks Gizmodo for the pic) and was pleasantly surprised. The store was really buzzing and plenty of friendly eye-candy staff were on hand to help out if needed. If you're backpacking, don't head on down to an internet cafe, save yourself $2.50 and head to an Apple store instead - if you don't mind standing.


  1. For some reason I really dislike Apple, I dislike Apple Fanboys, I dislike Apple Stores and their ‘we are so cool’ design layout, I dislike their advertising and putting down PC messages, I dislike Steve Jobs, I dislike people talking about them so I really hate that all my main tech products are Apple. I would rather Apple products without the brand attached. hmmmm I dont know many brands/products I would say that about!??!?.

  2. Hi Julian,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Think it a bit stalkerish of me, but I distinctly remember a tweet from you a while ago saying you were buying an apple?!! Perhaps you got a MacBook, as that's how you are doing the vodcasts with the inbuilt cam?!

    You're right though. The brand is very polarised... I was a bit blah about it before but now I'm feeling myself being dragged towards the supposed 'light'.

    I'm now going to post a picture of Apple fanboi's taking it too far which I saw on Flickr - stay tuned!


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