Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Brand Extensions gone bad

I couldn't find an actual product image but the above is in reference to BIC trying to enter the panyhose market... can anyone justify a logical link from biros to pantyhose for me please... anyone?
Crystal clear Pepsi... and the point was??????
Harley Davison Bakery Crafts - Martha Stewart eat your heart out!

Hooters Air took the promise of in-flight entertainment to a whole new level...

Mark Ritson, one of my favourite marketing spokespeople slash writer, has a good article on stupid brand extensions from a 2007 issue of UK Marketing mag. http://www.marketingritson.com/documents/brandextensiondisease.pdf


  1. Love it....can I offer you another really clever brand extension I've just posted...


  2. Hey,

    Thanks for your comment on TZ.

    Yes the entry of Mother into the energy drink market has left many baffled.

    I posted my two cents about it in the marketing mag forum:


    I've heard it be mistakenly called 'Monster' which is rather fitting really!


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