Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Inaugural Melbourne Social Media Friday Breakfast

This has been a long time coming but Melburnians can now enjoy the same privileges that our Sydney counterparts have, with a weekly social media breakfast. For the first meet the following details have been set but we'll see how it pans out after the first week. (It's not a roasters, or Single Origin, just central and semi-spacious).

When? Friday the 16th January @ 8am (Repeating weekly on Fridays)
Where? Mr Tulk at the State Library of Victoria on Swanston Street (info here and here)
Who? Everyone and anyone, although an interest in social media, marketing, advertising etc. might help!

We've got quite a few people hanging out for the meet already but make sure you pass the details along to spread the word.

So... looking forward to meeting a few of you then and seeing those I've met already again. Send me a tweet if you have any problems - @KateKendall. I'll try to be there nice and early. :-D

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Edit 17/01/09
Thanks everyone for coming, it was a great turnout! Looking forward to seeing everyone again from week-to-week. We are going to put a link list together so we can remember who everyone is!

For now, here is a twitpic care of Ross Hill. More to come!

Edit 26/01/09
Also Lucio has kindly created a fantastic separate website with polls, pictures, blog links etc. Check it out -

Edit 4/04/09
I've started the 'Social Media Breakfast Melbourne' group on Facebook. Please join here.
Also, don't forget to follow the tag on Twitter: #socialmelb.


  1. Sounds awesome! That's an early start for this freelancer, but I'll see what I can do. :)

  2. The sole reason I moved from Melbourne was because of its lack of S****l M****a breakfasts, I had to go all the way tp Sydney. ;)

    I look forward to popping along to one and I can only assume that it will be great to help create a vibrant community in Melbourne.

  3. Kate - we are also holding a first one in Canberra this Friday ... we might have to start at 7:55am just to beat you lot. Details here

    Also, I am in Melb 5th to 8th ... hopefully you will have one that week as well. Promise I won’t keep Zac Martin out all night on the Thursday 9or do you want me to? :)

  4. I won't be able to come on Friday but thanks for organising! 'Bout time we had a breakfast coffee thang happening in Melbourne :)

  5. @Daniel - wow Canberra before Melbourne. We were almost in the dark ages! ;-P What are you and Zac getting up to? Sounds like fun!

    @everyone - thanks for all the plugging guys. Just hoping I don't rock up and it just be me... especially since I don't even drink coffee!

  6. Do my best to be there Kate, most excellent! I'm working on coordinating a Community Management Roundtable in Melbourne in a similar spirit.

  7. Kate, thats great.
    I'll be there!

  8. Kate ... there were times when our Sydney gatherings got down to one or two. Persistence pays ;)

  9. ahh - killing me. I won't be able to make it this Friday but next week I will be there with some extreme bells on.

    Awesome work on setting it up guys!!!



  10. Come on Steve, you don't need to go out on Thursday mate...

  11. Lucio put me on to this Kate. I can't make it tomorrow, but I'm glad to see it up and running. I'll definitely be popping in sometime soon.

  12. I'll be there, but we've never met before, so I'll be the guy wandering around with a lost look on his face :)

  13. Damn - I would love to be there, but I've got another meeting on tomorrow morning.

    Next time - Bond Store in Southbank?

    iChat / AIM / Skype: conno3000

  14. Kate, fantastic idea - good choice with Mr Tulk. I'm a non-starter tomorrow due to prior commitment in the boondocks somewhere but will definitely get there in subsequent weeks.

  15. @Kate, what are Zac and I getting up too? Think we are doing a podcast with Wags and then beers. Don;t tell Zac but I don;t plan to let him off lightly on the beers department!

  16. Lol - thanks @lucio_ribeiro i'll keep that tip in mind next time hehe. Actually, I had a meeting today first thing up which I wasn't able to avoid. Next week, turns out I'm away as well but I love this so much I will be there after that for sure! I promise :)

    I hear it went really well this morning. 26 peeps? Wow - welcome to Melbourne!!!

  17. Nice work Kate, moving down in a few weeks, really looking forward to this!

  18. Great idea Kate,

    Sorry i missed last week's one, but am sure to make it this week or next.

  19. Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the comments.

    I've updated the post (see edit 26/01/09) with the Social Media Club Melbourne Facebook details as well as the new separate website that Lucio has created -

    See you on the 30th!


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