Friday, 30 January 2009

We want YOU - join the Australian WOMM!

And no, I'm not talking about word-of-mouth marketing. I'm talking about the Australian women in online marketing movement (WOMM). There are simply too few of us. Head to any digital space and you'll find that the commentary is composed of around 90% male contributions. While this is fantastic contribution in its own right and critical to the advancement of the industry, more females need to get into this space and be recognised.

As part of the weekly social media club breakfasts that we've been holding in Melbourne, I'm constantly surprised that again only 10% of attendees are female. They are missing out on such valuable collaborative communication and networking in an informal environment.

You know that we need some more diversity when it seems like most of the females in the Australian online marketing community have the name Kate or Katie!

Katie Chatfield of Get Shouty
Katie Harris of Zebra Bites
Kate Richardson of Stickywood
Kate Tribe of Tribe Research
Kate Carruthers of Aide-Memoire
Kate Gamble of Bruce Clay
And obviously yours truly, to name but a few.

So perhaps the next time that you are having a conversation with a colleague or friend, who is showing the hint of an interest in social media, remember to show encouragement and insight. Then hopefully we'll start to see more of a balance in 2009.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Hi Kate,
    Katie Harris @ZebraBites said I should come here and add my name. So, here I am!

  2. Hey Kate,

    Welcome! Have added you and a couple of others to the list. I'm excited to see where this goes. :-)

  3. I would love so much to attend the social media club breakfasts but I start work at 8:30. Major bummer.

    Oh no, my name isn't Kate/Katie. Good bye online blogging/marketing future.

    Lynnie11 - Twitter :D

  4. Thanks for the comment Lynnie!

    No, you must see this as your future in online marketing and blogging! You don't have any competition. :-) You can just be 'the Lynnie'. I, on the other hand have to be like, "I'm Kate K, and that's Kate A, Kate B, Kate C".

    Kate may as well be the female version of 'Fred'. Bye bye 'Sally'.

  5. It is similar in Sydney (though it seems the majority of Katies join us regularly). I would love to see a greater mix each week.

  6. We're like the spooky Stepford wives of the Australian marketing sphere *laughs evilly with blank stare*

  7. ^ My choice of image suits perfectly then.

    To be honest, the I only really go to these social media breakfasts is so that I can serve the tea and coffee, smile, look blank and hand people serviettes at the conclusion. :-P

    On Twitter, @maverickwoman said that it was a good observation except for @silkcharm (Laurel Papworth)! @silkcharm replied "You can call me @SilkKateCharm" :-D

  8. 'The Lynnie.' I like it. I like it a lot.

    *Points and giggles at Kate A, Kate B, Kate C...*

    When it's my turn to work the later start at work I will definitely attend. Would love to socialise and talk marketing/social media with others who share the same interests.

    Bed time! Cheers.

  9. Hi there Kate,

    Thanks for linking to me on Twitter - thought I'd come by and say hello. I'm a journo by trade, but very interested in social media. I have a lot to learn though.

    Also, my name's Natalie. ;)

  10. There's no shortage of women where I work. In fact I reckon they outnumber the men 3 to 1. That's why I love my job.

  11. Hi Kate

    I noticed the Kate/Katie thing but didn't say anything...just too spooky.

    I love SM but I'm not an expert, I just use it within my management consulting tool kit. Would love to still do brekkie with all the Kates, etc. Count me in!



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