Monday, 5 January 2009

Two shout-outs

Two quick shout-outs to two of my favourite members of the online marketing community.

First is a belated thanks to Daniel Oyston for inclusion in his Oyster Project's Xmas Hits 08. I had to choose a song that was key for me in 2008. I chose 'Business Time' by Flight of the Conchords because well, it's hilarious and I found out about it, like many things, through social media. Check out the full post here and see what Stan, Nathan, Zac, Jules, Peter, Josh, Tony, Morgan and finally Daniel himself had to say.

Secondly, Matt Granfield, of Zakazukha Zoo and blogging fame, has posted this vital post detailing the complete list of the Australian Marketing Interwebs Bloggers. While not yet complete, this comprehensive list has members of the community listed by state and in alphabetical order which makes it very user-friendly, and a welcome break from all the ranking and hierachical listings of late.

Anyway thanks again guys for inclusion on both and here's to an exciting 2009.

And yes they're my feet in some red Keds! :-)


  1. just found your blog through the voguettes listing. me like!


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