Wednesday, 13 August 2008

City beach proposed for Melbourne CBD

This must be one of the most stupid ideas proposed by Councillor Sneddon & Co of the City of Melbourne Town Hall Council for this coming summer. Modelled on the Paris Plage, they want to deposit up to a kilometre of sand on the banks of the Yarra to recreate the beach experience in the city.

For one, Melbourne has plenty of city beaches, so instead of polluting the environment further and faking Mother Nature, tell people to catch a tram to Port Melbourne or South Melbourne beach. Melbourne CBD is already busy, why hog foot traffic further?

Two, who would want to relax on a crowded, urban beach complete with a good dose of 'suits' walking past doing their daily lunch run? What about air quality, isn't the good sea breeze a major factor in determining the beach experience!

Furthermore when you heat up enough to brave a dip, you'll have no where to go except in the Yarra, where you'll sure to be refreshed with hepatitis.

For some things I believe you can successfully recreate an experience, others, like the indoor ski centre in Dubai, I believe are pure gimmick!


  1. Oh god, that is the best idea I have ever heard of! Quick dip in the mruky brown Yarra, I would so move back to Melbounre if that happened!

  2. oh gross! what are they thinking!!
    thanks for checking out my blog Kate much appreciated! Love reading yours!


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