Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Wicked Musical in Melbourne

The Broadway musical Wicked has now been playing at Melbourne's Regent Theatre for quite some time but at $119 a pop per ticket, I've delayed organising to see it for quite a while. Perhaps for good reason though as I've just checked Ticketek and new tickets are becoming available for October this Friday the 15th of August at 12PM AEST, so might be able to secure me some good seats!

Whilst we are on this Wicked subject, one of my favourite YouTube artists, who sounds so much like a Disney character that she constantly gets accused of lip-synching, BeeBop20 covered the song Popular from the musical and it's very catchy! She also does a lot of Fan Dubs which are worth checking out.


  1. Whether you see this wonderful play in New York, Los Angeles or anywhere else, you will understand why wicked has been Broadway’s best-selling show for the past two years. Wicked tix in USA can be expensive and difficult to find. I’ve attended it last year, but before booking tickets , I compared them firstly for free at, and then I took the cheapest tickets.
    Here are the links:
    So any body will go to see it again??

  2. The Melbourne show is going to be great. I saw the show on Broadway, I bought my Wicked Broadway tickets from the box office and it was by far the best show I've seen in a long time.


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