Sunday, 17 August 2008

MMS and Murphy's Law

In the past say five years, I have probably received a maximum of ten MMS's on my mobile. In other words, hardly enough to warrant having the MMS function on a mobile. So what happens when I cross over to my new iPhone? Yes, that's right I get three in one week and can't even read them as it doesn't support this type of messaging (supposedly to stop people sharing tunes).

Being the curious person that I am, I then have the desire to see what the messages actually entailed, so head online and sit through an excruciating process through Optus fricken' Zoo to try and retrieve them, which btw does not even support Firefox as a browser! What fun. Of course what I then see in front of me, makes me question why I have wasted fifteen minutes of my life on checking them.

Anyway I thought MMS as technology was meant to be dying?! Damn laggards!


  1. Yes, I never understood why phone companies kept pushing the MMS function when it clearly became outdated by BlueTooth.

  2. There's a couple of points I always bring up around this. The first is that it may have been neglected because if we look at Asian markets (often 4 years in front) the consumers never even bother with SMS let alone MMS - it's purely email. Fast, cheap, simple and very dynamic.

    The other side to this argument is well, we're not asia. And maybe we never will be. So why not have it??

    I'm an iPhone user. I love it. But sometimes, just every so often, I miss MMS. But then remind myself that these people should get an iPhone.


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