Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Striving for Finger Independence

The other day whilst lost in a daydream, procrastinating or some other escapist activity, I noticed something about the dynamics of my hand that I had never have noticed before. I noticed that I could not move my little/pinky finger, towards my palm without moving my ring finger as well.

A simple biology lesson would show that these fingers are dependent on the same tendon so this is perfectly normal anatomy for most of the population with approximately 1/20 people having the 'ability', if it actually is one, to move it unaided.

Now you're thinking why did it take me this long to figure it out. Well I never had music lessons; never learnt piano or guitar, or became a game addict so never needed to analyse my finger movement. Anyway my goal now is to 'strengthen' my pinky so it can move by itself. What a goal!

If you want further clarification about what I am rambling on about see here.

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