Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fairfax Journos stop work

After announcements that Fairfax plans to cut down staffing by 550 roles, including some editorial, industrial action has been taken today by journalists in the form of a strike and may continue until Monday. An overwealming majority voted in favour of striking, with most coming from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age mastheads.

Back up systems at Fairfax are supposedly in place in times of strike, although after checking both of the above online offerings, the following was published word-for-word on each (you've got to feel for the poor intern!):

Fairfax Media journalists in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Wollongong today voted to stop work for three days after rejecting the company's latest offer in negotiations over an enterprise bargaining agreement. Fairfax Media Deputy CEO Brian McCarthy said: "This industrial action by editorial staff is disappointing. Publishing arrangements are in place and we anticipate all our newspapers will be published as normal over this period."

Can't wait to see the quality journalism that will come my way in the next few days! ;)

More here from News Ltd's The Australian:,25197,24255753-601,00.html

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