Thursday, 9 October 2008

Come Walkabout - Bazza's New 'Australia' TVC

Ok, quickly wanted to get this up as I've just watched it... it's the new Australia TVC by Baz Luhrmann:

- I like the use of Sybilla Budd as the actress and prefer her any day to Lara Bingle (but it seems a little strange that she would play an American?)
- Beautiful scenery and Australian imagery which shows a different side to the usual tourist-clap (like beaches and Sydney - please no more Opera House & HB)
- I feel that the way it is executed would help it stand out internationally amongst the competing clutter

- It must have to be the corniest, most awful, OTT tagline (or whatever it is)... "She arrived as Ms K Matheison, Executive VP of Sales" and "she departed as Kate". Which by the way, is an interesting use of the name Kate, as the epitome of a female Australian name =) Anyway please excuse me whilst I go vomit; which is in large part due to the choosing of sales as the chosen profession.
- Perhaps the execution is also too similar to Bazza's other Chanel TVC with Nicole Kidman; the suspense, the melodrama, the excitement, the predictable resolution, blah blah blah - I'm a little bit like I've seen it all before
- The Aboriginal boy is a good inclusion but the way that he is represented is a bit cliché, if want of a better word, and perhaps lacks a modern day portrayal of Indigenous culture
- Finally, the target audience... wtf! Which is from what I can gather is some overtly sophisticated, affluent, lonely, city work-horse in a poor relationship. Now that is where Hollywood and marketing differ - there needs to be a real empathy with the audience.

Whatever happened to the good old backpacker market, or even the grey army? I can see what they are trying to do... highlight Australia's USP - space but you can also get space and wilderness driving an hour or two out of the average city. Is it really enough to promote people flying 15-20 hours across the world to rediscover themselves by having space?

Overall it's a big improvement on the previous campaign and I like the fact that they will leverage the TVC against the release of Australia the film but still I feel there are a few weaknesses. It will be interested to see the impact on the Aussie tourism dollar...

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