Friday, 17 October 2008

Hamish & Andy Cadbury Gorilla ad parody

Phil Collins would be proud.

Original ad can be viewed here:


  1. Haha LOVE the tape over his eyes at the 20 second mark. Priceless.
    The original ad just annoys me. The first time I watched it, I was waiting for something good to happen. And it didn't. I didn't even feel like chocolate, and that's rare.

  2. Hi Ms Unreliable. Nice blog btw ;)

    Yeah must say I'm not a fan of the ad. It has had rave reviews from people in the industry but not surprising most of the target audience is just like meh, doesn't make me want chocolate.

    I actually liked their old ads too and miss the pouring fake chocolate!

  3. I actually love the original.

    And as a massive fan of Hamish and Andy, love their version too.


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