Thursday, 24 July 2008

Australian Glamour to launch in 2009 and Grazia... me no like

News Magazines/Limited have finally confirmed they will be launching an Australian version of the high selling handbag-sized women's magazine, Glamour in 2009. It will complement their other female fashion title: Vogue Australia. From my experience with UK Glamour, I am not really a fan of the style and content in the publication but I think it will definitely be a serious contended in the already crowded marketplace. It should sit in that older more mainstream fashion and celeb-loving market well.

This is more than I can say for the recent ACP launch of the weekly Grazia. After checking this out on newstands I must say I was rather disappointed. I didn't like the saddle stitch binding on it as it didn't go with the more luxurious glossy style (it's fine for Who and New Idea though but Grazia should differentiate). The printing and finishing also seemed poor, almost like it was from the office XEROX! The content was a bit hit and miss too... it's like a weekly monthly, which makes it difficult to find a balance - some content was already no longer in touch with the zeitgeist. At $5, it is a bit steep for a weekly, for a few bucks extra I'd rather buy another monthly which I haven't read yet for more content and better editorial (shoots and articles).

(Thanks for GWAS for the Grazia cover shot - she's in the link's list to right...)


  1. I bought the launch issue and am a bit confused by its content and style. Am not sure who they're targeting exactly: fashion says one thing, the bizarre tone of articles (which kinda sound like they're writing about people they know - "we wish them all the best..." blah) says another and then they throw in the all-serious articles and some teen-mag headlines... didn't get it! but then I could just be WAY out of touch with fashion mags!!

  2. No I don't think you are! I buy or browse a lot of the fashion monthly mag's and I agree with all of your comments!

    I had a look again at this weeks to see if I could be swayed, but I just thought it looked blah and was not worth it still.

    If you are bringing a new magazine market, it's cliché, but you really need that WOW factor... aka Real Living!


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