Saturday, 26 July 2008

Cocktail Mummy fashion editorial by Miles Aldridge

I received this fashion editorial by Miles Aldridge in my inbox last week and really loved it. It's Cocktail Mummy - very nostalgic! I wish magazines in Australia would feature more fashion editorial like this.

Miles has more shots on his site -

EDIT 3/08/08: I must eat my own hat, whilst lazily using my Sunday to flick through past issues of Vogue Australia, I saw that they had used an image from this shoot for a typical article about not possessing maternal qualities

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  1. Thought I would post this here too -
    Thanks Kate.
    Just checked the Zeitgeist blog too. nice work.
    Yeah, my blog - it is actually, Love Me You're Famous - at
    I really should make sure I have some stuff so it grabs "Your" as well as You're".

    Oh, can I ask - how did you find the Gen Y podcast. Always interested how people come across it.


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