Monday, 7 July 2008

Forging the consumer experience

For me, the best part of a buying experience is getting the goods home post-purchase to do the initial unwrapping... there's nothing quite like unpacking the box, peeling off the protective packaging and seeing the product in action for the first time. For larger purchases it is perhaps not wise to repeatedly spend to get this same love, that's why dweebs on YouTube have solved the problem by posting videos of them unwrapping their purchases.

Case 1) MacBook Air:
I would love a MacBook air but for functionality purposes, wouldn't dream of buying one currently. However I can watch the following video (- silence is golden) to get the same post-purchase buzz as if I'd had.

Case 2) Asus Eee Pc
For less than $500AUD a pop, the ultra-portable Asus notebook is seriously on my to-buy list. After watching the unboxing and also another video of the walk through tour of the Linux OS, it has only made me want it more.

After recently purchasing a car I also did a YouTube search to see fellow peer reviews and non-publicity videos of the car in question. This helped me to retain the excitement and desire for the product long before I came to have it.

So what next? Perhaps this could be adapted somehow into online e-tailing strategies as the elements such as touch and feel are lost here. Media showing the product in use and in motion could help recreate the offline consumer experience...

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